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Children's Advocacy Coordinator

Position Summary

The Children’s Advocacy Coordinator provides technical assistance and training on the intervention and prevention of child sexual abuse and teen sexual assault, and coordinates children’s advocacy issues for advocates, children and youth case workers, educators, healthcare personnel, law enforcement, prosecutors, and other allied professionals. This position also provides support to those providing direct services including counseling, therapy and advocacy to survivors of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault.

PCAR understands sexual violence as a social justice issue and works to prevent and respond to sexual violence within this framework. We are committed to nurturing a workplace that is affirming, inclusive, and respectful of all people and the ways in which they identify across race, class, ability, gender, sexual orientation, age, and other characteristics.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide technical assistance and professional support to advocates, counselors, victims service centers, and other allied professionals;
  • Design, develop, coordinate, and facilitate trainings, workshops and other resources surrounding childhood sexual abuse prevention, intervention, response, and requirements for mandated reporters;
  • Collaborate with and support PCAR/NSVRC’s public policy efforts to advocate for local, state, and national systems to improve prevention and response to child sexual abuse;
  • Serve as the Coalition’s liaison for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse to receive rehabilitative services and access to nancial restitution.


Bachelor’s degree (B.A. or B.S.) or equivalent in Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Criminal Justice, or other related field; and/or four years of relevant experience (some of which should be direct services specific to child sexual abuse).

To Apply

PCAR offers a competitive salary and benefits package. Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply online by May 9, 2020. Complete job description attached.

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