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Encourage healthy relationships and interactions

Asking for and hearing a ‘Yes’ can make all the difference. Many of the messages we receive from media are violent, manipulative or harmful to both young women and young men. It is important to think carefully about these images and stories so that you can create healthy relationships and respectful experiences.

Consent means both people actively agree with what they are doing together.

It is a decision that both people make without any force or pressure. Some ways you can practice consent:

  • Ask the other person if they are comfortable when you are in a sexual or romantic situation.  “Are you OK with this?” 
  • Wait for a verbal “Yes” (or clear body language like nodding their head that tells you they feel good about the situation).  Silence, a “No,” or physically resisting means things need to stop.
  • Answer honestly when someone asks you for consent.  They might not know about this kind of consent, so have a conversation ahead of time.