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When Pennsylvanians want to HEAL from sexual violence they have experienced

Your community rape crisis center has someone available to speak with 24/7; has trained staff and volunteers to accompany victims to medical facilities, police stations and legal proceedings and advocate for their needs with human service, medical and criminal justice systems; provides free short-term, individual and group counseling for adult survivors of rape and child sexual abuse, and offers support to significant others; offers counseling for child victims including play therapy and trauma informed therapy.

PCAR, your statewide Coalition, provides a statewide, toll-free hotline number to route callers to their local rape crisis program; administers the state contract for rape crisis services and sets standards for those services; distributes state and federal funding to community rape crisis centers; provides training opportunities for local rape crisis center staff including therapeutic and counseling skills, understanding the needs of specific populations such as survivors who are male, LGBTQ, adolescents or survivors of trafficking. PCAR also advocates for state and federal funding to support rape crisis services.