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Instilling a culture of mutual respect 
A tailored plan for your organization
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Respect at Work™ is an employee training program presented by Pennsylvania Coalition to Advance Respect (PCAR) to help organizations prevent sexual harassment and abuse by developing work environments that are safe and healthy.

PCAR’s expertise in the areas of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault, has led to the knowledge that prevention is based in an environment that is healthy, safe, and respectful. The best approach to prevent workplace sexual harassment and abuse requires more than liability-focused training on definitions and policies. It requires shifting norms and changing behaviors within the workplace to create a culture of safety, equality, and respect. 

Our customized trainings are designed to meet the specific needs of your workplace while protecting against behaviors that are experienced as disrespectful or harassing.

PCAR’s experts excel in prevention education on all forms of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse. Our team can also ensure that your company’s processes and procedures are up-to-date with hands-on review of policies and collaboration with your Human Resources staff.


Instilling a culture of mutual respect:

Instilling a culture of mutual respect is good business and cost effective.

There are tangible benefits to fostering a respectful workplace through PCAR’s Respect at Work™ training program. Placing a high value on trust and mutual respect creates an environment where teamwork and productivity flourish – and that’s a boost to your bottom line. Earning a reputation for advancing mutual respect also helps you attract and retain top talent while limiting liability expenses.

A tailored plan for your organization

PCAR’s Respect at Work™ training experts will customize a plan to meet your organizational needs. PCAR’s team is skilled at working with a wide range of business industries or non-profit organizations of any employee size. Our training program will meet your needs through our customized approach and commitment to the needs of any workforce and can be conducted on-site or online, at a time convenient to you and your employees. 


Our approach

In advance of the session, each attendee will participate in a brief online exercise that provides a foundation for the full training module to maximize the efficiency of training session.

Each facet of the Respect at Work™ program is based on current evidenced-based research and best practices to ensure that the provided training is reflective of current employer needs and workplace environments. Trainings feature interactive exercises with an opportunity for participants to have a discussion on informational materials provided. To ensure ongoing quality improvement, our programming includes participant evaluation and feedback for employers.

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