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Learn examples of child sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse is any sexual contact with a child.

It can take many forms — including physical and non-physical behaviors.

Physical behaviors:

  • Touching a child’s genitals for sexual pleasure or other unnecessary reason
  • Forcing a child to touch someone else’s genitals
  • Putting objects or body parts inside the vulva or vagina, in the mouth or in the anus of a child for sexual pleasure or other unnecessary reason

Non-physical behaviors:

  • Exposing a child to pornography
  • Encouraging a child to perform sexual acts
  • Exposing a person’s genitals to a child
  • Performing sexual acts in a child’s presence
  • Photographing a child in sexual poses
  • Watching a child undress or use the bathroom, often without the child’s knowledge
  • Using computers, cell phones or social media outlets to make sexual overtures or expose a child