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Superior Court Judge Jack Panella honored with 2017 Visionary Voice Award

ENOLA—The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and the  National Sexual Violence Resource Center are pleased to honor Superior Court Judge Jack Panella with the 2017 Visionary Voice Award.

The award, presented to Judge Panella at the Vision of Hope Gala & Auction held on April 1, recognizes the creativity and commitment of individuals around the country who have demonstrated outstanding work to end sexual violence.

Judge Panella has served as a powerful ally in the fight to end sexual violence, advocating for a trauma-informed judicial system and providing training for judges and attorneys throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

“It is an honor for me to participate in judicial and legal education regarding crimes of sexual violence,” Judge Panella said.

Judge Panella also is the author of the Pennsylvania Crimes of Sexual Violence Benchbook for Trial Court Judges and the Pennsylvania Sexual Violence Benchbook on Crimes of Sexual Violence for Magisterial District Court Judges, which are used as guides by the judiciary throughout the Commonwealth

“The efforts and contributions of Judge Panella strike at the core of the fight to end sexual violence,” PCAR CEO Delilah Rumburg said. “He’s shown a tremendous dedication to ensuring that all judges have the resources available to make well-informed decisions in cases involving sexual assault.”

This year, Judge Panella collaborated with PCAR and members of the Judiciary to develop a webinar for Judges on the Sexual Offender Registration and Notification Act and the sensitive issues of a sexual assault trial.