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PCAR Core Values

Lived every day, values have the ability to guide us and inspire us – and communicate to others the soul of our organization. Equivalent to a moral compass, values steer us during turbulent times and plot the right course in the best of times.

Ethics, Integrity and Trust:

We work together to merit the trust of our colleagues and those we serve. We strive to be equitable, ethical and professional. Towards this end,

  • We encourage honest and open dialogue.
  • We honor commitments and promises.
  • We are committed to conducting our work with the highest degree of integrity.
  • We are committed to creating a working environment where each voice is acknowledged, respected and valued.
  • We hold ourselves, and each other, accountable for upholding our values.
  • We applaud the courage and insight to make difficult choices in advancing mission.
  • We accept responsibility for our actions and their consequences.

Embracing Diversity/Commitment to Multiculturalism

We foster an environment that promotes and supports the valuing of all people, cultures and abilities. Towards this end,

  • We seek opportunities to learn and understand the importance of culture.
  • We celebrate and appreciate our differences.
  • We challenge assumptions and subjectivity that attempt to devalue individuals and silence their voices.
  • We seek to confront oppression in all its forms.
  • We strive to create an inclusive multicultural organization that reflects the diversity of those we serve.

Engaging Survivors

We honor survivors and acknowledge that their experiences serve as a valuable resource and important voice in informing and affirming our work. Toward this end:

  • We consider survivors in our decision-making process.
  • We engage survivors in our mission to propel our work.
  • We honor survivor’s needs to be heard and we commit to creating safe spaces where they are valued.
  • We actively advocate for victims/survivors through their healing process and search for justice.
  • We recognize the voice of survivors in our workplace, their courage, their insight and their unique contributions.

Social Transformation

We seek to be a significant force in the prevention of sexual violence through education, advocacy and collaboration that serves as a driving force in ending sexual violence. Towards this end,

  • We believe that survivors are a powerful resource and partner in furthering our mission.
  • We believe that diverse partnerships are transformative and key elements to creating social change.
  • We work in ways that are intentionally innovative, visionary, and risk-taking for broad and lasting impact.
  • We work to increase awareness of the impact of oppression and gender in perpetuating sexual violence.
  • We strive to be allies to those working in this field.
  • We are a catalyst for social change by building, sustaining and nurturing relationships with communities’ unique grassroots efforts to end sexual violence.

Service to Others

We believe in service to others. Towards this end,

  • We are informed by those we serve by our evolving response to service
  • We listen, respect and connect those we serve with the best available resources.
  • We provide timely and comprehensive responses with a positive attitude.
  • We believe in providing services of the highest degree that are lasting and valuable.

Stewardship of Resources:

We are dedicated to the efficient and effective use of our resources. We accept the responsibility of the public’s trust and are accountable for our actions. Towards this end,

  • We pursue opportunities to deliver services more efficiently and effectively.
  • We encourage and empower all staff to use our resources wisely.
  • We accept individual responsibility for our actions as they affect the organization and those who work here.


We seek excellence in all our endeavors and are committed to continuous improvement. Towards this end,

  • We embrace change.
  • We encourage others by recognizing their strengths.
  • We strive to do something to improve ourselves personally and professionally each day.
  • We continually seek improvements in organizational processes, services and policies.
  • We inspire and support life-long learning and service to the field.