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Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) Funding Application


The Pennsylvania Coalition to Advance Respect (PCAR), a division of Respect Together, works to end sexual violence and advocates for the rights and needs of sexual assault victims. In addition to Pennsylvania-specific work, Respect Together operates the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) and is a partner in Raliance. PCAR partners with a network of rape crisis programs to bring help, hope, and healing around issues of sexual violence to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PCAR assures that communities have access to quality victim services and prevention education by providing funding, training, materials, and assistance to a network of rape crisis centers that serve all of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. PCAR provides resources and training on sexual assault-related issues to professionals across the Commonwealth.


PCAR along with the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) is seeking applications from local rape crisis centers to implement and evaluate sexual violence primary prevention projects. PCAR may issue additional instructions and/or requirements contingent upon the information outlined in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) RPE Notice of Funding Opportunity upon its release.

The purpose of the CDC’s National RPE Program is to effectively address SV in communities by:

*      Preventing first-time perpetration and victimization;

*      Reducing modifiable risk factors while enhancing protective factors associated with SV perpetration and victimization;

*      Using the best available evidence when planning, implementing, and evaluating prevention programs;

*      Incorporating behavior and social change theories into prevention programs;

*      Using population-based surveillance to inform program decisions and monitor trends; and

*      Evaluating prevention efforts and using the results to improve future program plans.

Please review the full application for more details.


This application is limited to PCAR-funded local rape crisis centers in Pennsylvania.


A.    Project Information Form

B.    Application Narrative

C.    Work Plan

D.    Logic Model

E.     Memorandum of Understanding

F.     Budget

G.    Signature Form

Review Process:  

The application review process will be conducted by an Independent Review Committee (IRC).  Each application will be scored for technical merit and potential for success. Applications will receive a technical score of up to 205 points, based upon how clearly each of the application questions within components is addressed.  The applications with the highest scores will be considered for funding. 

Submission of Application:

All applicants are required to submit their Request for Proposal Application via email to All application related documents must be submitted in their original format with the exception of pages requiring signatures; these documents may be submitted as PDFs or scanned copies.  Applications must be submitted on or before October 27, 2023, no later than 5:00 p.m.  It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that PCAR receives the application by the stated deadline.

RPE Application Appendix