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Request For Proposals


Current RFPs:

  • Requesting proposals for answering/call center services for 24-hour crisis hotline
    PCAR is seeking to partner with an organization that can provide 24-hour answering/call center services for PCAR’s statewide toll-free hotline supporting survivors of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault. The service will field incoming calls, determine the caller’s geographic area or where they are seeking services, and connect the caller to the local rape crisis center serving the caller’s geographic area. The service will not provide crisis intervention and will only link the caller with the appropriate local rape crisis center.
  • Primary Prevention Capability Model
    PCAR is seeking to partner with an organization, individual, or team to assist in the creation of a primary prevention capability model. This RFP focuses on collaboration with the PCAR Prevention Department to complete the following activities:

    • Literature Review – Review the most relevant and current literature related to primary prevention to identify all knowledge, skills, and experiences individuals need to provide primary prevention in a community.
    • Digital Survey Question Creation – Create questions for a digital survey that will be distributed to prevention leaders, community partners, and preventionists from partner centers. Survey questions will be based on data collected from the literature review to determine relatability and distinguish lived experience from formal education.

    The purpose of this project is to support the fiscal year 2023 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Rape Prevention and Education Program (RPE) focus on building and enhancing the primary prevention capacity of State, Territorial, and Tribal Sexual Assault Coalitions ("Coalition(s)") in preparation for sexual violence prevention strategy implementation focused on advancing health equity. The deadline to submit a proposal is February 16 at 5 PM EST. A selection decision will be made by February 23, 2024.

  • PREA Training for Corrections Staff
    PCAR is seeking to partner with an organization, individual or team to provide a training on the Prison Rape Elimination Act or PREA for corrections staff employed at Pennsylvania Correctional Facilities including federal, state, and county facilities. The training facilitator(s) are expected to facilitate a one-day training session.  We are seeking training facilitators who understand the Prison Rape Elimination Act, sexual violence in detention, and navigating relationships with victim services.  Therefore, PCAR would like to utilize the expertise of a training facilitator to develop a training which addresses preventing and addressing sexual violence within correctional facilities as well as related to trauma informed principles, biases, vulnerable populations.

  • Transformative Justice Training
    PCAR is seeking to partner with an organization, individual or team to provide a 3 three-part virtual training series on transformative justice for PCAR funded sexual assault centers. We are seeking training facilitators who understand transformative justice, victim services, and how transformative justice can benefit sexual violence survivors. 

  • Anti-Oppression Training
    PCAR is seeking an organization or consultant who can facilitate organizational social change, specifically racial justice training for nonprofit organizations. Additionally, preference will be given to organizations or consultants who understand the intersections of sexual violence and oppression. Consultant will work with PCAR to tailor trainings and activities for PCAR funded sexual assault centers.

  • E-Learning Development
    PCAR is seeking to partner with an organization, individual or team to create high quality, interactive, online learning modules on topics including but not limited to sexual violence, older adults, and the disability community. Modules are expected to be 15 to 30 minutes long and the content will be adapted from provided materials. We are seeking creative developer(s) that understand effective online learning principles and emerging communication strategies. Additionally, we would prefer to work with developer(s) that have experience with other social justice or public health issues, and/or are located in Pennsylvania.