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Request For Proposals


Current RFPs:

  • Requesting proposals for answering/call center services for 24-hour crisis hotline
    PCAR is seeking to partner with an organization that can provide 24-hour answering/call center services for PCAR’s statewide toll-free hotline supporting survivors of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault.  The service will field incoming calls, determine the caller’s geographic area or where they are seeking services, and connect the caller to the local rape crisis center serving the caller’s geographic area. The service will not provide crisis intervention and will only link the caller with the appropriate local rape crisis center.
  • Requesting Proposals to Facilitate Organizational Racial Justice Training
    PCAR is seeking an organization or consultant who has the ability to facilitate organizational social change, specifically racial justice trainings for nonprofit organizations. Additionally, preference will be given to organizations or consultants who understand the intersections of sexual violence and oppression. Consultant will work with PCAR to tailor trainings and activities for PCAR funded sexual assault centers.
  • Requesting Proposals for PREA Training Series
    PCAR is seeking to partner with an organization, individual or team to provide a 3 three part training series on serving incarcerated survivors for PCAR funded sexual assault centers. The training facilitator(s) are expected to conduct a survey to access sexual assault center training needs, record a one 1.5 hour webinar based on survey results, and facilitate two 1 hour technical assistance sessions. We are seeking training facilitators that have an understanding of the Prison Rape Elimination Act, victim services, and navigating relationships with correctional facilities. Additionally, we would prefer to work with a training facilitator(s) who are part of a team and receives feedback on best practices from survivor advocates.
  • Requesting Proposals for Mindful Breaks Virtual Meditations   
    PCAR is seeking to partner with an organization, agency, or consultant who can provide a 15 - 20 minute virtual meditation session twice a month. Planning and ongoing communications with PCAR staff throughout the project is required.