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What you need to know about sexting

Sexting is when someone takes nude photos of themselves or others and sends them to another person.

It is impossible to control where the photos go and who receives them once they leave your phone. The photos could be forwarded to friends, posted on the Internet, or fall into the hands of complete strangers.

Resist the temptation to take or send racy, nude or revealing photos of you or anyone else. It may seem funny or flirty at the time, but consider what can and is happening to teens that do this.

Think about the potential consequences: You could be kicked off sports teams, be suspended from school, denied acceptance to college or a job, and face a lot of humiliation if you take, send or forward sexual pictures of someone under 18—even if they are of you.

It is also against the law. Children under age 18 can be charged with a misdemeanor or summary offense if they text or possess nude photos of themselves or any other person age between age 12 and 18.

Anyone alleged to transmit photos of a minor 12 or younger could face felony child pornography charges.